I Love Blogging! How (And Why) You Should Start Your Own Blog

I Love Blogging

I Love Blogging!

The world of blogging has exceptionally grown and is now drawing more attention to people of all ages. Blogging is no longer just for freelance writers, but ordinary people. From food blogs to political blogs, everyone is stepping in to share their voices in the topics that they truly believe or admire.

As a personal blogger myself, the thrill of blogging increases when you have more readers. You grow a fan base as if you were a celebrity. Readers are excited to see what’s coming up next!

When I first started blogging, I focused on my daily life as a student living in Boston. Blog posts had included pictures from my college routine to my adventures on the streets of Boston. Readers were engaged in the stories and pictures I was sharing, and I was able to slowly gain a list of followers on my personal blog on Blogspot.

Lisa Lillien, who now has her own television show on the Cooking Channel, started a healthy food blog called Hungry Girl. Launched in 2004, Hungry Girl’s reader list grew to one million, making it’s blog popularity tremendously well. The food blog gained some press on WeightWatchers.com, Seventeen magazine, People Style Watch, the New York Daily News, and Good Morning America.

Whether it’s for personal interest or promoting your business, the power of social media is effective and a huge change for today’s generation.

Many bloggers like Lisa Lillien have drawn a numerous amount of attention from so many readers around the world, and it’s astonishing to imagine that it’s just through a blog post a day. Share the power of social media now through your own personal blog.

To view the best top blogs of 2011, check out TIME Magazine’s list of best blogs of 2011.

How to Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is just as simple as it sounds. First, you need to decide what kind of blogging network you would like to use to create your personal blog. Blogspot and WordPress are usually two of the most popular choices for bloggers. Other blogging networks include livejournal, tumblr, and typepad.

Deciding What to Write About

Many blogs have certain topics that they focus on, such as food, fashion, politics, etc. When starting your blog, make sure you have an aim at what you want to focus on. Not all bloggers go in the direction of one topic, many choose to discuss on types of topics on their personal blog and there is nothing wrong with going into that direction. It’s your blog. Feel free to exhibit all of the self expression you need.

How to Gain Readers

The hardest part about blogging is to find readers that would be interested in your blog. Every blogger wants to get their blog out in the open and to gain as much publicity they can. Try to find other blogs that you may find interesting or similar to you blog. Leave comments on those blogs, and don’t forget to add your blog website link! Other suggestions in gaining more readers would be to advertise your blog. Many blogs and websites are always looking out for anyone to advertise or sponsor their site. Keep a look out for those blogs, and send them an email for advertising and sponsor information.

Lastly, it’s very common for people to get what’s commonly known as writer’s block while trying to write a blog post- don’t worry!  If you’re looking for ways to get over your blogging mental block feel free to click the link for some help.

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    It’s definitely a time investment to consistently blog, so if you want to have a blogging presence you can “microblog” on Tumblr or even just curate content on sites like Shareist. 

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  • Angela Thomas

    Blogs are free and a great way to share your favorite cause/idea/hobby/biz/ministry. I love blogging… and I can see the potential of blogging.